Hi! I am a graphic designer and maker, based in NYC. I am interested in a mix of disciplines, and but I am also been learning how to do more things in code recently. I just got my BFA in graphic design from Boston University.

This website is open from: 7am – 7pm

Pop Culture Colour Theory Lecture Poster

Poster design, projection mapping
Nov. 2019

Lecture poster for James Goggin’s Pop Culture Colour Theory lecture & performance. The poster also has a digital component that was projected onto the poster itself for a week on display. Social media visuals were also created for the event.

Club Quarantine

p5.js, identity, social media, website
Self initiated project, August 2020

(full project coming soon)

Club Quarantine is a weekly virtual queer club party hosted over zoom. CQ is a space for people to get together and positively distract themselves. Their instagram is full of memes and funny posts that speak to what Club Quarantine is about. I created a very loose visual identity for CQ, using code.

Play with the generative Club Quarantine Tool.

Mask, Gloves, Soap, Scrubs

Bop lyric video
Quarantine project, August 2020

A humorous and glamourous song about staying inside. Mask, Gloves, Soap, Scrubs by Todrick Hall. The background is a reference to what we look like on Zoom.

Sakanaya Fish Market

Brand identity
xxx 2019

Branding identity for a local Japanese fish market. The identity is playful and flexible while the mark itself gives room for play. The logo originates from the idea of a cat grabbing tuna. A Japanese lineage with a touch of western ideas.

The Medium is the Message

Experimental print & lithography
Self initiated, 3 part experiment, Dec 2019

The project explores the ideas of Marshall McLuhan’s The Medium is the Massage, form as content; spanning over a variety of medium all starting from the book itself. A poster was created from the tiling of the whole book. Then printed onto shirts on a rolling press with a xerox gum transfer. The shirts were then later worn by models and photographed, and then put back into a publication.

This project talks about how medium affects the way content is looked at, at the same time exploring different methods of printing the same thing.

Attention & Distraction Research Book

Editorial design
BFA Thesis book, 2020

In the age of information & technology where are we are submerged in an all immersive digital environment; everything is fighting for your attention, from your phone to the moving ads on the bus to the chips you snack on. Content these days has to be fast to keep the viewer engaged, in a short amount of time, “snack-able” in a way. The research comes in the form of a bag of chips, with the table of contents.

A–Z: Talking to myself

Editorial design, conceptual
March 2019

A to Z book about my senior year, and what I felt at the time. The book is divided into 2 sections, one being formal reaserch, articles, etc. While the other, quite random and chaotic.

Vans but Sharon; so SHANS's

Welding, sculpture

Size 5 steel shoe, left shoe. Made from metal rod & plate

Welcome to the Digital Times

Editorial design

This newspaper is a response to Neil Postman's theory about the medium of television, and how it is sometimes not suited for sophisticated topics like news. Because it is more or entertainment and a flash flood of information it is too much for you to take in seriously. WttDT is a collection of articles that speak to Postman’s theory juxtaposed with a digital collage of imagery overload.

Meetin Irma Boom (x2)

Documentation by my friend Ivan.

In 2018, Irma Boom came to Harvard GSD to give an artist lecture. My friends and I went up to her and left with a photo. In 2019 my university organized a Amsterdam design workshop and we were able to meet Irma again, and this time in her office.